About BinTools
Bintools Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Hangzhou in March 2018, with the primary team from Alibaba, Netease, Huawei, and other top data technology teams in China.
As an R&D-oriented tool product software company, we provide a series of tools and solutions to meet the needs of modern data circulation and processing on and off the cloud, helping enterprises to break 'data silos', ensuring the safe flow and data transformation, and making data more intelligent. Our products are now widely used in securities, insurance, banking, communications, Internet, manufacturing and many other industries.
The team, which is made up of 90% researchers and developers, has a strong engineering culture, an open and flat structure, and is committed to implementing agile principles. This team is determined to move forward and create stable and reliable data software for enterprise customers.
「 TOOLS Make IT Better 」
Tools are catalysts for social civilization and technological progress
We believe in the power of tools
We are committed to the development of tools in the IT industry!
——BinTools' Mission & Vision
Business Culture
Engineering Culture
There is a powerful technical atmosphere here, and the instructor will guide you one-on- one to help you grow up.
Flat Management
There is no workplace hierarchy, 'agility' is our style label
Material Incentive
Annual and project bonuses, equity incentives, and other material incentives, we will certainly reward your hard work.
Book Club
Learning is a lifelong thing, we've opened a 'Book Corner' to help with personal growth.
Team Building
Play whatever you want, and exercise every Friday to relieve stress! Irregular team building, enjoy happy outdoor time!
Flexible Work
Night owls no longer have to worry about being unable to get up in the morning, becausewe give you free creative time.
【BinTools Updates】
Bintools works with Paraview Software to use the 'Zero Trust Solution for Data Operation' to improve full-link management and control of data.
【YunheEnmo Lecture Halls】
Security management and control of database intelligent operation and maintenance
【Strategic Partnership】
Bintools and Dameng Database reached comprehensive strategic cooperation to build a new ecosystem of domestic databases.
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Company Address
Block D, China Smart Information Industrial Park, Gongshu District, Hangzhou contact details
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Commercial Affairs188 6882 6689
Commercial Affairsmy.huang@bintools.cn