Integrated database operation control cloud platform
CloudQuery is a cloud platform that helps businesses to unify security management and use databases efficiently. It provides more secure access control and audit for enterprise core data, and prevents unauthorized access to data, high-risk operations, data leakage, and accidentally deleted data, while focusing on improving the efficiency of data operation and collaboration between R&D, DBA, and O&M.
Product Highlights
Unified Personnel Access Entry
Users access the database with a secure client that works with their only real identity to avoid problems like account leakage, and data leakage caused by multiple clients connecting to the database directly.
Various Data Sources Support
Covering more than 20 data sources like Oracle/MySQL/PostgreSQL/HIVE/Dameng/OceanBase, and is in continuous iteration.
Efficient Data Operations
Support management of native terminals, support intelligent prompting of SQL statements, automatic completion, file saving, import and export, and other functions. The operation mode is the same as that of a traditional client, with a flat learning curve.
Fine-grained Permission Management
Minimum sufficient permission is granted to users , and all authorized actions are transparent to security managers. Managers can control users access to and operations on data in various ways, such as the time, object, behavior, frequency, and quantity of operations.
Dynamic Desensitization
Classification and level management of data, which differentiates how sensitive data is displayed based on user level and data level without affecting normal data access while protecting privacy and confidential data.
Accurate Audit Analysis
The platform monitors user behavior and records it comprehensively and accurately. The data operation track can be searched and traced.

Community edition vs Business edtion

Functional CategoryFunction PointsCommunity editionBusiness edtion
Data manipulationAutomatic prompting
Transaction mode
Statement collection
File uploading
Terminal excuting
Data source supportingfaststable
Shortcut menu
Customizable UI
Data securityOperation monitoring
Separation of export and query
Limit number
Filter control
Data desensitization
High risk resources
Menu permissions
Audit analysisPerforming audits
Editing audits
Dimensional analysis
Customized OA system import
System resourceHost monitoring
Server monitoring
Deployment methoddocker
Custom deployment

Typical Solutions

Financial Sector
Government Affairs
Power Industry
General Solution