Financial database security solutions

We establish database compliance security, database business security, and other all- round protection for banks, securities, insurance, and other financial institutions and create efficient, easy-to-use database security solutions for the financial industry to meet the needs of banks, insurance, securities, and other industry customers core business systems required for financial-grade data high reliability, high availability of services.

Industry Trends

Financial industry trends
Over the last few years, with the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, the traditional financial industry has been promoted to carry out profound business changes. Fintech is reshaping the entire business process of traditional finance, which will greatly change the industry landscape, bringing a new business experience to users.
Increasingly strict financial regulation
An important reason for the serious regulation of the financial industry is to ensure the safe and stable operation of financial services and the continuity of services. Therefore, from the supervision perspective, there will be stricter requirements for the databases that carry services.
Business-driven innovation
With the development of mobile Internet technology, the Internet financial model has shown tremendous innovation and competitiveness. That has made the traditionalfinancial industry more and more under pressure from Internet finance. If traditional finance wants to win the competition, it must carry out rapid Business innovation, enhancing competitiveness through innovation.
Solution Benefits
Full link Security protection
CloudQuery's security solutions aren't like those of traditional security companies, which focus on controlling traffic in a centralized way. We focus on 'unified security management and efficient use of databases' to address data security issues from the source of data access, building a complete defense system with dynamic control beforehand, real-time defense during the event, and rapid response afterward. These solutions provide comprehensive security for the entire data lifecycle.
Increase Productivity
We combine database access entry, database user authentication, database authority control, database monitoring, and database auditing to create a batch system for large- scale databases and users. It could help improve management efficiency, avoid buying copyrights for numerous database clients, and save costs for the built-in cross- departmental collaboration process and shared workspace. So multiple departments can collaborate online smoothly without manual maintenance and repeated offline communication.
Stable and Reliable
CloudQuery is completely self-developed, code-level controllable, and reliable verification of large-scale financial core scenarios. After years of development, it has many active customers, is stable, safe and easy to use, has been tested strictly by customers in the financial industry, can be set up in a high-availability mode and used in a distributed way, and has good usability and scalability
Easy to Use
CloudQuery is developed by a professional database client team. A personnel & rights management mode is designed for large-scale database operation & maintenance and is easy to use, convenient and efficient, suitable for database developers or novice users.

Solution Scenarios

Unified personnel access entries
Data access security control
Conduct audit
Data desensitization
Unified personnel access entries

We offer a platform - i.e., CloudQuery for developing and maintaining databases that allows for unified database access and management. That makes it possible to have a secure and unified way of managing data access behavior. This platform has functions that include unified database access, unified user authentication, unified authority control, and unified monitoring & auditing. CloudQuery uniformly manages the company'sinternal databases into its platform and converges other database access portals through account recovery, restricting access to IP and limiting access tools. The entire platform could serve as a single access point to databases, and all databases can be accessed and performed through a single Web page. It improves the efficiency of data operation and shortens the learning curve of switching between different database management tools by shielding differences among databases.

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