Database Security Solution for Power Industry

Create a safe and healthy database environment for the power industry and get rid of information security threats. It will allow businesses to work together across departments and regions. It will also let the power grid play a bigger role in the national economy and peoples daily lives.

Industry Trends

In the last few years, the Internet of Things has grown expeditiously and created substantial data. At the same time, different information systems of the power grid are also creating a lot of business data that is complex, intertwined, and horizontal. To reconstruct data management and control, data security business requirements, efficiently manage and control data in a digital and service-oriented way, build a unified data platform, and realize data management and control, data process standardization, and data security is an urgent task.
Unified data management Capabilities
The core of data is security and control. Use the unified data model and service standards to create the security technical architecture and technical control standards for the data platform.
Shared service tool Capabilities
It is necessary to build a catalog of data assets and data services, self-service reporting tools, and data exploration open to ordinary users, lowering the threshold for attracting ordinary users to use data.
Data compatibility and Inheritance capabilities
Tool components are made when needed by using strategies like new addition, continued use, and opening to make sure that historical data is available, components are fully compatible with the data of the original equipment and system, and the original equipment and data templates are fully utilized to wake up and revitalize the existing equipment and data.
Solution Benifits
Industry isolation, security compliance
Traditional data security management tools can only provide security management and control capabilities, but cannot improve data usage efficiency. This construction plan focuses on safety as well as on the efficient use and management of the database to improve the collaboration efficiency between R&D, DBA, and operation and maintenance.
Full stack security protection to ensure data security of power industry customers
While meeting the data security compliance requirements of power customers, it has built-in self-developed efficient, safe and comprehensive database clients, establishes a defense system from the source to realize the joint disposal of the network and the terminal, and comprehensively blocks threats.
Delivering the ultimate user experience
A tool connects different databases at home and abroad, supports graphical interface to change the table structure, add, delete, modify and query table data. The operation method is consistent with the traditional client, and you can get started quickly.
Full link security protection
To solve data security problems from the source of data access, a complete defense-in- depth system with dynamic management and control in advance, real-time defense during the event, and rapid response after the event has been established to provide a complete guarantee for the security of the entire data life cycle.

Solution Scenarios

Unified personnel access entries
Data access security control
Conduct audit
Data manipulation
Data export
Unified personnel access entries

We offer a platform - i.e., CloudQuery for developing and maintaining databases that allows for unified database access and management. That makes it possible to have a secure and unified way of managing data access behavior. This platform has functions that include unified database access, unified user authentication, unified authority control, and unified monitoring & auditing. CloudQuery uniformly manages the company'sinternal databases into its platform and converges other database access portals through account recovery, restricting access to IP and limiting access tools. The entire platform could serve as a single access point to databases, and all databases can be accessed and performed through a single Web page. It improves the efficiency of data operation and shortens the learning curve of switching between different database management tools by shielding differences among databases.

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