Data Security Solutions

The centralized control platform, which is based on a unified database, controls all aspects of the data process cycle and keeps user rights separate. It also has fine-grained authority control, efficient data operations, and audits of product behavior. This makes it easier to keep data secure and improves database operations and maintenance efficiency and security.

Industry Trends

With the continuous development of informatization, in the era of cloud computing and big data, the internal information system of businesses is getting progressively complex, and the database, as the core and foundation of the information system, carries more and more key business systems. Data gradually become the core asset of the enterprise. At the same time, the rise of artificial intelligence application scenarios based on data analysis has accelerated the process of datafication, and information has reached an unprecedented degree of connectivity. Enterprise security and stability are the foundation of survival and development in the informatization construction process. There is a lot of important and sensitive information in the company. It will cause losses to the enterprise and society, and even affect the image of the enterprise and social security at worst if the information is tampered with or leaked. So it is crucial to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the database and ensure data security. However, most data security problems are not caused by the lack of offensive and defensive confrontation but occur in the entire enterprise value chain and life cycle. To solve these problems, we cannot rely only on a single point of technical confrontation but need to have a vision across the whole picture and the awareness of systemic risk prevention.

The application system is complex
Data operation and maintenance feel fatigued
Difficult to control user permissions
Behavior audits are not detailed enough
Needs Analysis
Inefficient data operation and maintenance
The application system is complex, the amount of data is huge, the daily operation and maintenance work is complicated, and the database operation and maintenance is hard to work on schedule.
Security implications of internal operations
Due to a large number of internal personnel and third-party operation and maintenance personnel, and various database connection methods, so it's hard to achieve effective unified management and control.
Risk of authority abuse
There is no strict identity authentication and authority division within the system, and there is a problem with shared, highly privileged accounts that makes the system vulnerable to things like unauthorized operations.
Access to app breaching data
The application system doesn't have fine-grained control over data calls, and there is a risk of tampering and leakage due to illegal data calls.
Leakage of sensitive data
For personnel accessing the database, the sensitive data in the query result set can't be desensitized in time, and there is a risk of sensitive information leaking.
Lack of behavior audits
Internal audits didn't catch problems with personnel behavior and operations, and the security team couldn't do early warn or post-event traceability analysis.

Unified Access

ONE platform supports all mainstream databases on the market. It makes a standardized way for internal staff to connect to databases, facilitates centralized management and control, authority allocation, and behavior audits and standardizes internally complex and varied business processes.


Permission Assignment

After the platform and the database are connected, by judging the user's functions and application scenarios, performing initial fine-grained permission allocation for users based on the importance of database resources, to avoid the risk of violations and information leakage caused by abuse of highly privileged permissions.


Data Manipulation

After users obtain the operation authority to the database-related resources, in the process of data operation, the built-in functions are suitable for the industry application scenarios to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency. At the same time, the database operation result set can be dynamically desensitized and displayed according to the assigned authority.


Behavior Audits

Behavior audits cover the entire data cycle and enable comprehensive audits by bridging different data flow segments. You can get an overview of the data execution and security situation, help internal staff to know the overall execution and security situation, and assist in subsequent work, according to the audit result report.

Solutions Benefits
Fine-grained permission control

Through a unified data operation platform, the RBAC method is used to match roles, permissions, and users, and permissions are granted from different business levels according to the nature of use of various people, so that permissions can be separated from fine-grained management and control of people and cover the entire data cycle.

Rigorous behavior audits

We monitor the database's operation behavior synchronously while it's running and audit it thoroughly after it's done so that everything is evidence-based, to protect enterprise data security.

Comprehensive control of data users

Self-developed authority middleware adopts a hierarchical authorization mechanism, which is divided into two levels: SA system administrator and Owner. SA is in charge of the whole system and gives the Owner permission to manage and control the data comprehensively.

Precise application analysis

operations, which cover the life cycle between applications and databases, so data administrators can take over and gain insight into applications.

Smarter and more efficient desensitization

Distinct from the traditional mode of desensitization, it supersedes traditional network protocol packages to achieve more accurate data desensitization through adaptive rules, code analysis, and data intercept.

Full link control anti-drag library

By integrating the analysis engine, and giving users the minimum permission set, we reduce the workload on the DBA and avoid permission abuse. That, in turn, reduces the possibility of database drag.

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